Potential posting schedule.

I want to keep at this as best as I can, so hopefully by posting my intentions for the blog certain people (read: Kristina, Saska, Nick, ???) might keep on me (remind me and/or verbally abuse me) about updating things.

Sunday/Monday: Chronicle the events of the previous weekend; possible movie reviews.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Articles on music (possibly an artist of the week); television updates (sup, L O S T?), mid-week ramblings about everything I like… or hate about the current week.

Thursdays: I’d like to have a ‘Question of the day’ submitted by readers, leave a comment on Thursdays post with a question, it can be anything (ask about a specific story, an opinion, random shit, whatever) and I’ll choose one to answer on Fridays.

Fridays: Drinking game of the week & Answer to Question of the day.

Saturdays: Probably nothing. Maybe something nerd related. Maybe?



2 responses to “Potential posting schedule.

  1. The creator of this blog -rocks!

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