brostorm? yes, yes it was.

this is the kind of magic you'll find on chat roulette.

Really good weekend overall, Friday I had the urge to play Madden, so I invited people over for that and to shoot pool – to sweeten the pot I added in “PIZZA AND BEER!”.

Richie learned a valuable lesson in ‘Don’t teach drunk people to play card games‘. It does not work. (Sorry Rich! Better luck next time).

Now the best part of the night? Chat Roulette.

For those unaware of this magical (and disturbing) website; Chat Roulette links you up with another random person anywhere in the world for webcam-based conversations. The majority of which are either (lonely) males ‘hangin’ out’ or people masturbating (no joke) but you would occasionally find another group of people, or just some really interesting people who didn’t want to just expose themselves or creep you the f out.

So we set up the laptop with a webcam and pointed it towards our pool table so we could chat while playing; as expected we got mostly ‘chillin’ bros’ or people in the middle of ‘taking care of business’ but we did find a couple cool people.

  • Tim Burton obsessed lesbians sitting on a couch, wearing AND talking about their Alice in Wonderland t-shirts.
  • Guy who was sitting in what I can only describe as a space station – at this point I didn’t have a webcam working so he only saw a blank screen where our cam was supposed to be. I convinced him it was his video card and it wasn’t working properly, which resulted in us getting to watch him climb around his desk trying to un-plug/plug things in an attempt to get it working.
  • Another guy from Utah, who picked up his cam and showed us his house and spoke to us in German after me yelling various German phrases. Thanks for letting me put that four years of German classes to work!

Unfortunately we had some lighting issues so we gave up after about an hour, but it was incredibly fun while it lasted.

Saturday we had a LAN.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, gigantic nerds.

It had been awhile though, so it was great fun. My girlfriend (finally?) got to see me in that environment, hopefully she still loves me as much as she did before. :)

I learned two things that night:
Hearing “BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSTOOOOOOOORM” every 90 seconds was in fact as exciting as it sounds (LOVE IT) and a Jason who drinks far too many (four) energy drinks in a couple of hours becomes a Jason that everyone loves; dancing and singing Jason.
Seriously, I thought I had befriended Kid Cudi, he was dropping lines over any song I put on and he made it seem so effortless, wtf did that come from? I don’t even.(hah)

I have a quote of the night that’s written down on a POST-IT note at home, I’ll have to edit this and put it on here once I remember it . :)

Oh, and what the hell is with this Saturday rain pattern? For the past couple of weekends I get all excited at the prospect of going out and hiking or playing Frisbee and sho’ ’nuff that rain comes pouring down, making everything muddy for the rest of the weekend. You know what I have to say? Fuck you, rain. I live in California for a reason, go back to Seattle – I know you’re reading and this and I hope it hurts your feelings.


4 responses to “brostorm? yes, yes it was.

  1. your new banner made me REALLY WANT gummi bears. you also forgot to mention the mysterious fried cheese debacle!

  2. The chat website was so funny! but it scares me to think people actually do that kind of stuff on the internet, I guess I feel inocent in a sense :P

    the sounds that game makes frighten me lol
    I’m glad I could be a part of it though, I still love you, don’t worry :P ha


  3. new image every week! or click! i demand of it.

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