QOTW (Question of the week) – Week #2.

Another Thursday has hit and it’s time for the second installment of:

Question Of The Week‘!.

Simply post a question in the comment section; anything you want to know or would like my take on and I’ll pick one (if any) and answer it tomorrow morning.

Last weeks glorious answer:


Let’s get some good ones rollin’ in, kay? Couple entry’s to come in the next day involving the mentally challenged, lesbians, midgets, drinking and more. Check back in soon if this tickles your fancy.


4 responses to “QOTW (Question of the week) – Week #2.

  1. How important does a person have to be before he is considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

  2. If brand new and frightened rabbit had a baby, what would its name be? and what would it sound like?

  3. How far along in the sex change process does it take for a tranny to be considered doable?

  4. If you were given the chance to take Ellen Page, Aubrey Plaza, or Jenna Fischer on a date — not taking into consideration any real world constraints — which would you choose and describe the date you would take them on in order to maximize the possibility of securing an (extremely hot) celebrity sex slave.

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