Who would you do: Tegan or Sara?

I didn't know Canadians could ride bikes.

I took my girlfriend to see Tegan and Sara play the other night and I wanted to share some of the highlights.

  • Lesbians. Lots of lesbians. It didn’t dawn on me what kind of crowd a band comprised of two lesbians would pull in. I started to look in amazement as I walked around the venue. I think Kristina was seeing the light-bulb in my head start to flicker, so she looked at me and said “what were you expecting?”. I couldn’t help but smile. On that same note though; I did at one point go from a “WOW I HAVE TO TELL MY BOYS” to almost feeling out of place. I guess as a straight, white male I tend to fall in the majority no matter where I am, hah.
  • The midget lesbian. Half way through the second act a woman and her daughter came to sit in the two seats next to us; I began to wonder “Why would someone bring their daughter to this?” when Kristina leaned over and said “I think she’s a midget”. Sure enough, she was. I’m sorry, I know I’m going to hell but I couldn’t stop laughing, and of course we got to have some interaction with her, in having to exchange seats so she could be in the aisle and see. I wanted to ask for a picture but really, how do you do that without being THAT offensive? For the record: I have nothing against people in that position, it just pleases my soul a little bit, in a weird way.
  • The (wo)mens bathroom. They turned all but one mens room into womens restrooms. Apparently the girls didn’t feel that was enough as they continually tried to storm into the bathroom. I was standing at the urinal when the door swung open and two girls ran in, saw both stalls were already taken and realized out loud ‘urinals aren’t for us’, so they walked out. Additionally, as I was washing my hands one of the stall doors opened and a girl came out, looked at me in the mirror and laughed (I have no idea why she laughed, but whatever, as long as he knows if it happens again, there’s gonna be trouble).

The show itself: Tegan and Sara have an awesome stage presence, I honestly feel I could listen to them talk/joke the whole time and skip the music, their conversations are just magical. They played the four songs I know/like – Call it off, Nineteen, Walking with a ghost and that Tiesto song, sans Tiesto.

Drunk lesbians are really the best drunks; the stage was being littered with bra’s, of which Sara mentioned they were keeping, shredding and using the scraps to make blankets.

Now the important question of the night came from girls screaming after either Tegan or Sara, I realized there was no “I LOVE YOU, BOTH, EQUALLY!!!” It was always one or the other, why?! Wouldn’t their dream be to have both, or is this a guy thing? Hmm. Thoughts?

Where was I going with this entire post? TL;DR – show was good, I can scratch off a life goal of meeting a lesbian midget and my girlfriend was probably the happiest I’ve ever seen her. Two thumbs up.

Lesson learned from this adventure? Drink more alcohol at shows, ask midgets for pictures!

Where is my mind?


One response to “Who would you do: Tegan or Sara?

  1. I’m still really really really really jealous.

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