Vegas trip: Day 1

And so it begins…

I’m writing this mid drive, on my phone, so forgive me for any grammatical and/or spelling errors :)

I now know everything there is to know about In-n-out, I never expected the conversation that there of their employees sitting in a back seat would have but hey, now I know :D

Del taco in batstow = best thing ever. Those 59 cent tacos we get in san diego? Imagine them twice the size, add tomatoes and lettuce plus some seasoning on the beef and you know what’s up!

Its been five hours since trip start and I’m still not drink? Tucker Max would be disappointed. Forgive me!

My only regret? Not being able to watch tonights Lost. Seriously… its like my religion. CHURCH OF JACOB, sup?

More soon, stay tuned, dudes. <3


2 responses to “Vegas trip: Day 1

  1. They have a mega in-inn-out there with a in-inn-out souvenir store.

  2. Sharpie peter’s phone number above a urinal for me.

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