I watch movies: Clash of the Titans IN THREE-DEEEE


Do you like ‘fun’ films like Snakes on a Plane?

Do you like Greek mythology?

If you answered yes to both questions, go see Clash of the Titans, now!

Honestly, I feel as if ten minutes into the movie they decided to ditch any semblance of story and just throw in as many swords, ‘witty’ (I use the word loosely) comments and big monsters as possible. The best part? I still enjoyed the movie quite a bit (for an action film).

I was a bit bummed by the lack of adventure – at no point in the film did Perseus (played by Sam Worthington, of Avatar fame) ever seem challenged. There was never a moment of “oh god, this is too much!” or “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING“. No, the man raised as a fisherman his whole life picks up a sword and shield and starts destroying the shit out of ‘experienced’ and ‘deadly’ monsters.

On the bright side – The visuals were awesome. Medusa (Lady Vashj) was seriously one of the coolest monsters I’ve seen in a movie in some time.

Additionally, this was my first 3-D movie since ‘Avatar’ and I was grossly disappointed. I felt 3-D hindered the film and I would have loved to have watched it on a normal DP screen with some good quality.


My favorite part? When Zeus (Liam Neeson) punks Acrisius by disguising himself as him and having sex with his wife. I did not see that coming (as it’s a bit different from the real mythology) and the look on Zeus’ face as Acrisius storms into the room, seeing his wife naked and disheveled is freaking priceless.

If you have the extra cash, and you’re looking for something to do, go see the movie. But only if you’ve already seen How to Train Your Dragon, Remember Me, Shutter Island, Avatar, or Date Night (releasing tomorrow).


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