Why write a blog?

I’ve been telling my friends for some time I’m going to start a blog, the response is always the same “Why?”.

  1. I like writing. I may not be exceptionally gifted but I’d be lying if I said I don’t get some kind of joy out of sitting in front of glowing screen and mashing buttons. Wait a second… that’s what I do all day at work, ugh. Maybe I am lying but damn it, I like to write, okay?
  2. I have awesome stories. Have you ever snuck on to a public park at 2:00AM only to be yelled at and photographed by a robot security guard? No? Want to hear about it? Of course you do.
  3. I have opinions, people tend to like them, I don’t know why – but I like it.
  4. Why the hell not?

About me: I’m an aspiring college student (ha!) working full-time in accounting at an advertising agency 100 miles from my home. I spend three to four hours a day driving and my mind goes everywhere. I live in San Diego, have an amazing girlfriend, an awesome mother and the best friends a guy could ask for. HAPPY TIMES. I’m typically pretty passive-aggressive, I mock people a lot, I’m incredibly sarcastic and I love it.

If you enjoy film, music, beer, video games and general debauchery, chances are you’ll probably enjoy my blog.



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