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yo dawg, that’s what she said

In an attempt to brighten up your day, I present you with this:

Lil Wayne / The Office theme mashup

Think about it… envision the type of guy that’s so fucking cool that he combines one of the greatest (and whitest) television sitcom themes with lil’wayne.

Think about it.

You see me, don’t you?

That’s what I thought.

No, I didn’t make it but I swear, it was made for me.


Question of the Week #5. A DAY LATE!?

watch a strange arrangement of clouds...

It’s that time again. Or is it? Wait, something’s wrong… I can feel it.
Ah, yes, it’s a day late. I apologize. Not really.

I continue to half-write articles, save them and forget to come back to them, so I’m going to make an effort to finish all of them up and get them posted this weekend, should be a decent amount of reading material (if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anyways, toss me some questions and I’ll give ya some exciting answers.


Last weeks QOTW (#4):

My answers:

Where would you want to want to live?

Lately I’ve been thinking about where I live. Not just the room I currently rent, but the city, and the state.

While I do have a lot of love for California (Southern California, mainly) I have to say that after 22 years, a change could be nice. The question is where?!
(Please don’t read this and think “OH GOD, TYLER IS MOVING!!!111”, it’s merely a post of thoughts, and maybe something that can lead to a discussion).

Here’s what I know:

  • I like North America, anywhere else is just a bit too far from my friends/family.
  • I like the beach, a lot. I need to be able to see the water when I need to, so the Midwest is kinda meh for me.
  • I would love to at least experience the seasons. Warm summers, beautiful falls, snow in the winter and spring.

So what’s that leave us? Well first off, let’s look at the coastal states:

  • Maine – Seriously? WTF comes out of Maine.
  • New Hampshire – While I know I have friends with family out there, I honestly can’t say I’ve ever wanted to go there in my life.
  • Massachusetts – No.
  • Rhode Island – I’d make far too many Family Guy jokes.
  • Connecticut – Eventually we’re going to make it to good states.
  • New Jersey – Good music comes from NJ, but the name makes me think ‘Jersey Shore’, so, no.
  • New York – Would be fun to visit, but not live.
  • Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia – All seem like pretty boring states, although I’d love to visit sometime in my life.
  • North Carolina, South Carolina – So much good music comes from these two states that I think I could stomach it.
  • Florida – So many d-bags in one place!
  • Oregon – Could honestly consider living here.
  • Washington – Close enough to Canada that it could be cool, but it sounds like such a pompous state.
  • Alaska – Always joked about wanting to live here. After 30 Days of Night, I don’t think I could. Definitely want to visit, though!
  • Hawaii – Absolutely.

I’m discounting the Southwest entirely, I just can’t do it, sorry.

FYI – These are all based on my fairly limited knowledge of the states and having never been, perhaps I can be convinced some of them are better than I imagine!

So after being (extremely) picky, I’m left with:

  • California (Duh, I’m here already)
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • North/South Carolina
  • Hawaii

Now, I plan on going a bit more in-depth on these five (possible) candidates in the next post, but I’m curious – Where would you want to live, and why? Try to be feasible, if possible. :)

QOTW – Week #1.

It’s our first installment of Question Of The Week.

Simply post a question in the comment section; anything you want to know or would like my take on and I’ll pick one (if any) and answer it tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the lack of post today; just got a root canal and it’s been grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!